Stories of Hope


Successful Story for Treatment

When I was studying in 3rd std in the corporation primary school, Tattaneri, Madurai, Madurai health and Leprosy Relief Team detected me and identified me that I was affected by leprosy. And I got single patch in my right fore arm. And Mahelerecen team issued me MDT medicine and I took treatment continuously. Now I got cured the patch was also disappeared. So I am very happy and also  my family and  Head master of my school are very happy.

Successful Story for Livelihood Rehabilitation
I am Seeniammal; living in the village of Thuvariman, Madurai. I was taking Leprosy Treatment from the Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre past 6 years. I got the deformity in upper and lower extremity, because of, I was not able to go for daily wages. I approached the MAHELERECEN for Rehabilitation loan. And I received a loan and purchased a cow, now I have 4 cows. I am satisfied and running  my family with out  starving.

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