Social Economic Rehabilitation

Livelihood Programme

We are conducting Rehabilitation of CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation. Activity programme since 1999.  We have also given loan for their self employment. 72 cured deformed Patients  were benefited.

Rehabilitation Beneficiary

The woman told proudly that the cow gave birth to a female calf a few weeks ago. So, that means that she will have in a few months a double income of milk. The cow was a loan out of the rehabilitation program, monthly she’s paying back a small amount

We are supporting our patients through CBR

o    Purchase of cow

o    Purchase of Goats

o    Establishment of Tea shop

o    Establishment of Petty shop

o    Purchase of Bullock cart

o    Flower Business

o    Shamiana  Business

o    Preparation of appalam.

o    Vessel shop

o    Bangle shop

o    Preparation of Mud pot  and  so on.

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