Our SET Model

To control or eradicate the disease method must follow like SET.

To eradicate this dreadful diseases people must known this disease  with scientific factors. We are giving awareness program to the school going children, and industrial peoples and public. To find out this case health workers is going to the slum area to get new cases through survey.

There are two types of survey is there, one is given intensive survey  and extensive survey . health workers is going to the every slum area and to taking enumeration list and out of this he is doing examining the enumerated population under the sun light. He is doing  fresh cases .this fresh cases we are entered in the known case register and advise to take chemotherapy treatment . through our health education people can understanding about this disease after that people can come as a voluntary reporting about health complaints.

Health education awareness program is essential because people can understand about the disease people and  withdraw their wrong notation and patents will get regular early working for their health complaints. In his way we are doing  our activities.

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