Our Team

                                                                    Our staff and committee members in the function of MCR foot ware  distribution.
Advisory Committee Members
 MAHELERECEN work with the under the guideline of following  committee members.
  • Prof. Christopher Daniel  (Rtd Professor, Madurai Institute of Social Science, Madurai, India)
  • Mr. Ganesh Chander. Madurai, India.
  • Mr. Kasper Jansen -Netherlands.
  • Mrs. Agnes Benedictus- Netherlands
  • Sr.Sarah Kusekel – Germany 
  • Mr Arnaud Neo and Dr. Segolen – Belgium
Our Board and Official Team
  1. Mr. A. Albert           —   President.
  2. Mr.S. Thomas          —   Vice- President
  3. Mr. T. M. Francis    —   Secretary
  4. Mr. P .E.Vincent      —   Treasurer.
  5. Mr.A. Don Bosco      —   Joint Secretary
  6. Dr. S. Maria Xavier Turtius  —   Founder cum Executive Secretary.
  7. Mr. A. Vincent         —  Programme Associate.
  8. Mr. M. Raja              —  National Programme Coordinator
  9. Dr . Ravi Kumar MD — Medical Consultant.
  10. Mrs.Kodeswari          — Nurse.