1. To eradicate Leprosy from in and around the city of Madurai by Survey Education And Treatment (SET) programme and to render Hospital cure for the patients.

2. To help the Leprosy disabled cases. We therefore organize Mobile Camps every week and want to introduce Self Care Groups.

3 To reinsert leprosy people in society. We can enable this through our rehabilitation programme or by making bridges between the leprosy patients and the population. We therefore introduced Self Help Groups mixing elderly people and leprosy patients.

4. To render a Comprehensive hospital and Immediate medical care for the general public in and around the District of Madurai while treatment of leprosy is completely free of cost for the patients, treatment of other general diseases will be billed on a standard profit making principle.

5. To impart Health Education to the people regarding communicable diseases of TB, Cholera, Typhoid, HIV / AIDS, Leprosy and general health Care.

This is the structure of our activities to get our objectives: