About Us

Our Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre ( MAHELERECEN ) is a Non-Governmental and Non РProfitable Registered Organization doing voluntary noble health Promotion and Preventive services of General Health 

Education, Leprosy Awareness classes, Case detection ,Treatment and Rehabilitation services for leprosy disabled among the deserving slum & rural population of Madurai District since 1991.

History of Organization:

From 1991, we organized health education and leprosy awareness classes conducted in every school going children with our flip chart and slide shows. For this education we got permission from the chief education officer, District education office. During this period we detected new(fresh) leprosy cases among the school children.

In the meantime we started leprosy rehabilitation activities for our deformity patients since 1999. So far we have supported the member of deformity patients is benefited persons is 48.Every month we conduct a leprosy clinic at the Grace Kennet hospital till 1995, after 1996, We have opened a small Dispensary (Mahelerecen clinic) with lab facility. Every month we conduct leprosy mobile clinic at in and Madurai districts and Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India. We are detecting new, fresh cases of leprosy through the skin check up from the school children. We identify leprosy patches among the students and they were treated with MDT treatment.

Date of Registration & No: 9.8.1991, 184/91 (Register under the Tamil Nadu Society’s Registration Act 1961, Reg.No :184/91)

FCRA Registration No: 075940074

Transparency and Accountability: Guidestarindia, Global Hand and HelpYourNgo.com

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